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Updated with mobile view compatibility!

by: Mike van Biezen     2018-05-29

iLectureOnline is now fully mobile compatible! You can now easily search through every lecture from any device you own!

There are a few bugs in the initial release, but we'll work those out soon. If you see anything major, please let us know on our Facebook page:

Paypal and Patreon Donations are UP!

by: Mike van Biezen     2016-06-05

Caption: source:

Patreon and Paypal are launching today! Many of you have asked how to support ilectureonline and we're honored to have so much support. You're welcome to pay what you like, any amount is greatly appreciated.

3...2...1... LAUNCH!!!

by: Mike van Biezen     2015-07-26 [Edited: 2015-07-29]

Caption: Space Shuttle Mission STS-115. Photo Credit: NASA

Welcome to the redesigned iLectureOnline website!!! It's been almost two years since we uploaded our first video and this website is long overdue.

Many of you have told us about your difficulties finding our videos on YouTube; we hope that the organized lecture lists and search bar make your studies much easier!

So what do you think about the new site? Follow us and let us know!

p.s. - Check out the "Share" button on the lower right hand corner! It's now easier than ever to share our lectures with your friends. :)